Colombian Primaveral Urquina Brothers Regional Select


 Whole Bean. 16 oz

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The Regional Select Program was to create and highlight the unique profiles that are inherent to specific micro-regions in Colombia. The Huila, Narino, Cauca and Tolima growing regions were selected, with an emphasis on pre-shipment cupping and scoring.

These coffees receive extra care in picking and processing, and are blended like a Rhone wine or local honey that comes from many fields in a four mile radius. They must cup at a minimum score of 86 in order to be included in this program.

This particular coffee is fully washed and dried in parabolic dryers. In the cup the primary taste notes are a strong chocolate/caramel at the front, followed by a citrusy element that lingers briefly on the palate. It also has an incredible heavy mouthfeel for a Colombian, without a trace of the “aftertaste” often found in even the very best Colombian offerings.

Whole Bean. 16 oz. Locally roasted by Turtle Creek Coffee in Columbia, South Carolina.



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