Tanzanian Kiboko “Baby Hippo”


 Whole Bean. 16 oz

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We are calling this coffee “Baby Hippo” in part because of the image of a hippo printed on the burlap bag, and in part because the group that grows this coffee has a special reverence to for the “mighty river horse”. Could be why they print the image on the bag…

Very reminiscent of a Kenyan coffee, yet more mellow and soft. The acidity is diverse and refined. Great “mouth feel”, with initial notes like a grapefruit and sugar reduction, creamy and rich, with a distinct dark chocolate finish. Minor notes include tamarind, raisin, turbinado sugar, vanilla, and lime.

Whole Bean. 16 oz. Locally roasted by Turtle Creek Coffee in Columbia, South Carolina.



Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in